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Fish Market

Only the best straight from the Sea

At the fish counter you will find our best daily fresh fish plus all the expertise and availability of our dedicated staff. We prepare each product with the utmost care in both hygiene and preparation. You can choose to buy the cuts you prefer, perfectly filleted and ready to cook at home or you can ask us to prepare them in our kitchen, at that moment and according to your tastes.

Only the best...

Every morning we stock our fish counter with the best of the day's catch. Our fishing boats and suppliers work with passion and dedication to the sea and the quality of the products that arrive directly from the sea to your table at home. 

... every day!

And for every need you can always rely on the expertise and kindness of our Fish Counter staff. A team of professionals who prepare only the best for you every day to indulge your needs and tastes. Choose what you want and ask us to prepare it in the way that is most convenient for you: already filleted, in trays and ready to cook.

At the fish counter you can...

Choose what you prefer

... and ask our staff to prepare your products even inside convenient disposable trays. For example, you can choose your ideal cut and ask us to fillet it at the moment for you.

Asking us to cook for you

And take home everything you have chosen at the counter. We will prepare it according to your tastes or specific dietary needs.

Having lunch with us

and consume your order immediately inside our Seafood Kitchen.