Where to eat a great seafood first course in Bari? We are waiting for you at Marisqueria!

Pasta is the iconic food of our tradition, and knowing how to prepare it properly is a priority that is part of the Mediterranean culture. Fresh, dry or stuffed the important thing is that it is of the highest quality to ensure that it always tastes and holds together well when cooked.

troccoli sea bass and lemon

Within our Seafood Kitchen we have paid the utmost attention not only to the proposal of first courses but also to the way they are prepared by our chefs, every day. Those who already know us know how much attention we pay every day to the selection of the best raw materials, valuing local producers as much as possible. We have also done this by fine-tuning the selection of fish first courses within our menu and beyond...

Looking for a place within which to enjoy a great seafood entrée? Marisqueria is the answer.

Within our menu you can always choose the best both in terms of freshness of raw materials and methods of preparation. We choose simple, fresh ingredients every day to surprise you with first courses rich in flavor and tradition. The fish we choose is the same fish you can buy at our fishmonger's counter, always very fresh daily and just arrived from our trusted fishing boats.

Fresh egg troccoli with spider crab

We have some for all tastes and needs. You tell us what you like and we prepare for you our best pasta dishes under the banner of excellence and local tradition. Marisqueria pasta dishes are prepared using the best pasta: fresh, egg, grano arso or stuffed, it's the starting point for an exceptional first course.

We chose the Ancora pasta factory because we believe in enhancing the value of local producers who are attentive to quality and the preparation of products of true excellence.

All that's left is for you to choose what to start your lunch or dinner with. Every day you can choose only the best directly from our Fish Market. And in addition to the classic first courses already on the menu, you can choose a variety of proposals directly from our blackboard every day. If you love fresh egg troccoli you will love our proposals with shrimp or with sea bass and lemon. And for fans of more delicate flavors, our troccoli with crab is a must-try.

All our dishes are freshly prepared, and you can choose to stay for lunch or dinner with us or order convenient take-out to eat wherever you like. All Marisqueria safety, quality and hygiene is always guaranteed.

troccoli with shrimp

Contact us to reserve your first course or to reserve your table. If, on the other hand, you want to know the proposal of the day directly from our blackboard, follow our social channels Facebook and Instagram and stay updated with all Marisqueria proposals: the smartest way to eat the freshest fish, in Bari!